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Plumbing Services Corunna Can Rely On

Plumbing Services Corunna Can Rely On


This quaint little city has a rich historical offering, with visitors able to stroll along the boardwalk and see what things were like 100 years ago. While our annual 4th of July Celebration might have some thinking it’s a bigger city than it is, you can feel that Corunna is the perfect small town. From Main Street Pizza to the Riverbend Bowl, it’s home.

At L & M Plumbing LLC, we are deeply committed to bringing top-tier plumbing repairs to Corunna homeowners and business owners. We’ve been doing it since 2002, and we have roots in the area that go back three generations and more than 22 years. Our team of local plumbers understands your hometown’s specific challenges and needs.

That’s why, when you need plumbing or water heater repair in Corunna, it’s best to start with a call to us.

Dial (517) 428-1483 to schedule plumbing service in .

Why We’re the Right Choice for Your Plumbing Issue in Corunna

We could list all the reasons you should make L & M Plumbing LLC your choice for plumbing service in Corunna, but they would all boil down to just a few key points.

We’re family-owned, and we’re local. We’ve been providing Plumbing and Sump Pump service in Corunna since 2002, and our family has roots in the area that go back 22 years. Our clients aren’t just our clients; they’re our neighbors, friends, schoolteachers, and more.

We also know the most valuable thing we can get from our clients is their trust. To earn that trust, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our plumbing work in Corunna. If you aren’t happy, we’ll work together to find a solution.

Your tankless water heater specialist in Corunna

Our Services

As a plumber in Corunna, we offer various services to deal with your residential or commercial plumbing problems. Below is a quick list of some things our company provides:

Sump Pump Service

Your sump pump is activated when sufficiently heavy rain or storm runoff accumulates around the foundation of your home or business. When activated, it pumps the excess water out and away from the property, typically to lower ground. Our primary specialty is sump pump service in Corunna. We can ensure your pump stays working or help you find one that fits your needs and install it.

Protect Your Home

Water Heater Service

Even in the summer, hot water isn’t a comfort or a luxury; it’s a necessity. For many businesses, having hot water is mandatory for their operation. For homes, hot water is needed for sinks, bathing, laundry, and more. When your water heater goes out, it is an emergency situation; make no mistake—contact L & M Plumbing LLC for all water heater repairs and routine maintenance.

Take Advantage of Our Water Heater Expertise

Sewer and Water Main Repair

Some plumbing jobs are just outside the scope of many smaller plumbing services, particularly when those needs revolve around foundational water supply issues. We have the experience and equipment to create solutions for sewer and water main problems every day, providing expert diagnosis and effective, permanent repairs.

Fix a Broken Sewer Line

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

If you need more than some simple plumbing repairs, L & M Plumbing LLC has you covered. We can help you effectively plan and execute full kitchen and bath remodels, bringing your visions to life. Sometimes, you just need a change, and we can help you give your home a facelift.

Get the Space You’ve Dreamed Of

Water Softener Service

Most residents in the Corunna area are familiar with the hardness of the local water, and those dissolved minerals can cause notable issues with appliances or components attached to the water supply. The teams at L & M Plumbing LLC have extensive experience with the challenges that hard water poses, and they can test your water and help you keep your water-softening system in peak condition. If you don’t have a water softener, they can also help you find one to fill your needs.

Get Rid of Hard Water

We Care About Corunna

L & M Plumbing LLC is more than just the best sump pump repair company in Corunna. We’re a part of the community, and with a community that’s given us so much, we strive to give back.

You might see our name around town, sponsoring local activities or sports teams. You might see our logo at a charity drive or fundraiser because we feel that the best way to give back is to help our community build stronger bonds and richer connections.

Proactive Plumbing Maintenance is Crucial

You aren't alone if you don’t generally think about your plumbing until something goes wrong.

However, the best way to minimize surprise repairs and sudden expenses is to be proactive with your maintenance. Have a professional inspect your current plumbing, then schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Call (517) 428-1483 to explore our plumbing maintenance options in Corunna.

Partner with L & M Plumbing LLC for Your Next Plumbing Project

Regardless of whether your next plumbing project is repairing a leaky faucet or a bathroom remodel, we’re standing by to help you get it done exactly how you want it. Our Corunna plumbing company has also designed all of our processes to be hassle-free. We get there on time. Our plumbers actually listen to you.

We’re ready to deliver the highest quality plumbing work, no matter what you need. Contact L & M Plumbing today or call us at (517) 428-1483 to get started.

Partner with L & M Plumbing LLC for Your Next Plumbing Project